Thursday, 14 February 2013

Things 10, 11, 12!!!


Well Twitter, yep as I thought I really can't see the point of it. I'm not really that interested in what other people think, but I guess having the BBC News headlines was quite nice. Unfortunately I followed a fave actor of mine only to see that he seems a bit of a loon on Twitter!!! It was really easy to set up and I like that about these things that I can add my picture and change the colour so that it's just "me" in style. However I have trouble keeping up with Facebook which leads me on nicely...


Well I've had a Facebook account for a long time and I tend to fall in and out of love with it. To me Facebook is all about being nosey and seeing what old school friends are up to, finding out where my mum is eating this week (and if my parents are sticking to their diets!!!). I tend to not post much on there but comment on other people's posts. I guess it's sort of stalking, but with permission as I'm friends with the people I'm stalking so all is ok, right?

The problem with Facebook is that I have it as an app on my phone and it seems to come out and is easily accessible when I'm drunk, or even just tipsy - see the picture for instance - yes I really do see that I shouldn't be sharing this as I was quite inebriated and I don't look my best...

So there is the problem with Facebook - it's too easy to make yourself look a fool :) Or rather it's too easy for me to make myself look like a fool!


I really can see the point of Linkedin, I didn't make myself an account as I didn't want to spend time on something which might be rather important if I do look to use it as a way of promoting me. I guess if you were job hunting it would be a good way of saying this is me, this is what I can do and really you should snap me up now, before some other company comes along and wants me! However likely that is, I'm not too sure. I guess one day I might add myself. But at least for now I know it's out there and what it's all about!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thing 7-8 - Doodle

Well I really like Doodle, what a nifty little tool which for once doesn't require you to create an account. I think I'm already going to use this to see what nights are best for my Knitting Group, so we can see once and for all when people can come and knit, oh and have a good chat :)

I set up a meeting for a Chocolate Meeting, wouldn't that be really nice? Mmm chocolate - following on from my other chocolate post - the Malteser Bunny really wasn't worth the wait or the 8 syns I saved for it - I'm only allowed 10 syns a day... :) I could have had 4-5 chocolates from the box I have at home!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Right so I was given a chocolate yesterday and for those of you who don't know I'm trying to be good on my diet and so I didn't have it and it's been sat on my keyboard ever since. I'm following Slimming World and so we can only have so many syns per day... If I eat it today (and oh yes it is calling to me) then I can't go home tonight and have my Malteser Bunny or whatever it's called tonight - what a Dilemma...

Oh and this diet is a battle of wills, and so far I'm winning!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Another Baby Blanket

This is the first complicated item I knitted for a friends baby. I was given the pattern and the wool. When I thought it looked like it was going wrong I was told to keep following the pattern. Which seems the best advice as it turned out well it the end. And it was the first time I'd picked up stitches, which I think went well. :-D

Friday, 1 February 2013


On my way to work today I was flagged down by another cyclist. It was pouring with rain and I was slowly making my way to the gym before work! I stopped and it turned out that his pump wasn't working and he had just replace his inner tube. It seemed this inner tube was then faulty, and so he asked if I had time for him to fix his puncture. As I was on the way to the gym I had all the time in the world, but then again thinking on this I would have probably stopped and waited even if it meant being late to work as I'd never leave someone stranded. So he fixed his puncture (in record time it seemed too!!) and we were then both on our way, me to the gym and he had just finished work so was probably going home for a cuppa.

So now, because I've done a good deed will something good happen to me? If you've ever seen the TV series My Name is Earl, after winning some money he decides to right all the wrongs he has done in his life, and he thinks of this as Karma. So will I get home and my husband has made the dinner????? Will I find a £10 note on the street? (although this did happen to me last month I think) so maybe it's reverse Karma, because I've already had that £10 I did something good.

Either way I'm happy in the knowledge that the cyclist got home because I helped. At the end of the day do I believe in Karma? Do I believe just because I've done a good deed something good will happen to me? Not really, but just like playing the lottery some times I just hope that something good will happen...